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“Your opinion is important to us”? Really?

Posted on by Kate Anderson |

Kate AndersonI’m getting very opinionated of late – everyone seems to want my opinion.   Leastways, that’s what they all say when they email me links to their customer satisfaction surveys. Yesterday’s announcement that Survey Monkey is now worth $2 billion is apposite, indeed, sometimes it feels that the 20 million Survey Monkey users (and growing) are all seeking my feedback simultaneously!

How many survey invites did you get last week?  And what makes you decide to answer or not?  Do you get a chance to give your full and frank opinion?  And when it comes to your customer surveys, can you hold your head high?

Now, as you can imagine, I’m pretty pro customer surveys, but I just can’t keep on top of these requests!   If I am feeling helpful or let’s face it, particularly enamoured of or annoyed by a particular brand (beware the perils of self-selection) or if I’m particularly turned off by a bad survey, I quit the survey without completing, but worse still, I also think less of the brand   . . .   Really?  I thought there was more to you than this!

Oh Survey Monkey, you cheeky monkey, what have you done?  But blaming Survey Monkey for poor surveys is rather like blaming Glock for a murder – you make the gun but you don’t put it in the killer’s hand.  As IT professionals can tell you, so often life’s a PICNIC – problem in chair not in computer!

If my opinion matters then the best way to show that is to approach with care, make your survey engaging, challenge me effectively, give me liberty to express my opinions. So here’s a New Year’s resolution for all you marketing folks out there: In your haste to get that business critical insight, don’t monkey around – take the time to get it right and put your customer at the heart of what you do!

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